NCR Home Automation

Smart Home Automation Devices

Complete Line of Socket and Switches

Universal module giving smart functionalities to analog devices.

Smart thermostatic head with temperature sensor.

Versatile smart video intercom.

Smart motion, light and temperature sensor.

Smart water leak and temperature sensor.

Smart thermostatic head with temperature sensor.

Smart CO and temperature sensor.

Contact sensor with a temperature measurement feature.

Smart switch with power metering for electrical devices.

Electronic devices module switch.

Light intensity control module.

LED, RGB, RGBW and halogen control module.

Blinds, shades, marquise and gates control module.

Universal remote control.

Universal wireless switch.

Gesture control pad.

Compact gateway for FIBARO system management.

Gateway for FIBARO system management.

Get to know the possibilities

Subtle Night Lighting

Waking up at night to see whether our little one is sleeping or going to the kitchen to have a sip of water is a daily routine. When wandering around the house at night no one likes to be blinded by the light. Configure the lighting during evening and night hours on 30% of intensity in parts of the house where you need it e.g. kids bedroom.