Door / Window Sensor

A Contact Sensor With An Integrated Temperature Monitor

Door/Window Sensor
Door/Window Sensor, Safety & Security, NCR Home Automation
Door / Window Sensor

Easy To Install, Simple To Use

Works with HomeKit

NCR Home Automation have created a special series of the FIBARO Door/Window Sensors which work with Apple HomeKit. The devices are equipped with all the features of the standard sensors which are intended for use in the FIBARO System.

Never leave a window open by accident

A house fitted with FIBARO Door/Window Sensors will prompt you to close your windows. It can do this when you’re leaving for work, off to bed, or when it’s about to rain.

Welcome Home!

You can use the FIBARO Door/Window Sensor as a scene activator. When placed by the main door, the sensor may launch a sequence which will greet the entering inhabitants.

Protection from tampering and damage

The FIBARO Door/Window Sensor will immediately inform you about any attempts to remove the sensor or open its case. You can be sure that you and your family are protected.