Fibaro Flood Sensor, NCR Home Automation

Fibaro Flood Sensor

The FIBARO Flood Sensor achieves the perfect balance between aesthetic and function. Featuring a sleek, artistic design, the FIBARO device combines state-of-the-art technology with a harmonious form.


The FIBARO Flood Sensor is a perfect dance between art and design – beautiful and harmonious in every little detail. Just like in other FIBARO devices, the perfect form is equipped with the most advanced technology.


The FIBARO Flood Sensor is much more than just a leak sensor. Its design combines several useful features which ensure safety and the comfort of use.

Fibaro Flood Sensor, NCR Home Automation

Temperature Sensor

Tamper Alert

Leak Sensor

Sound Alarm

Telescopic Stands

Light Indicator

Smart Security

The FIBARO smart system can identify potential threats, including smaller leaks. Together with the functionality of the entire FIBARO system, the flood sensor can achieve a level of leak detection and home security you’ve never experienced before.