Fibaro Walli

The complete series of FIBARO smart outlets and switches based on Z-Wave technology will equip your home with versatile intelligence. The look of the series is inspired by a pearl – its timeless sophistication and beautiful shape that will complement any nifty interior.

Unique design and exceptional technology

Choose from a fantastic selection of smart products, From Blinds & Gate Controllers, Switches, Outlets, Light Dimmers & Wireless Controllers

Fibaro Walli Line, NCR Home Automation

Reliable components and eye-catching details


Select from an array of thousands of colours to suit the personality of your home.


Set up the Walli switch button to take full advantage of its astonishing capabilities.

Have you forgot to turn off the light?

It’s not a problem anymore.

You know best – leaving the house in a hurry and suddenly you can’t remember if you had turned off the light and unplugged the iron? From now on, you can take a breath of relief because with Walli Switch and Outlet you remotely turn off the lights and equipment using the app.